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Signs Of Qiyamah to Gog and Magog

Allah S.W.T and Muhammad (S.A.W) in Muhammad Qasim Dreams
As'Salamu Alaikum. My Name: Muhammad Qasim Bin Abdul Karim. I am a Pakistani. My belief is that, "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last Prophet and Messenger of God." And I am a Ummati of Muhammad (S.A.W). I am proud that I am a Ummati of Muhammad (S.A.W). I am 43 years old and my family is Quraysh. Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W) have told me to share my Dreams with others and this is what I am doing. I first dreamed at the age of 5 and when I climbed the staircase to the sky from the roof of my house, I finally reached a point where I thought that this staircase would take me straight to near Allah S.W.T the only Lord of the worlds.
It was 12 or 13 years, when for the first time Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W) both came to my dream. Then when I was 17 years old in the 1993 then Allah S.W.T and Muhammad (S.A.W) started to come into my dreams regularly and continuously. And yet Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W) came into my dream. I've been dreaming about these for more than 28 years. So far Allah S.W.T has come to my Dreams more than 500 times and Muhammad (S.A.W) came to my dreams more than 300 times. In a dream on 2014, September or October   I saw Allah say, "Qasim, until the Muslims believe that your Dreams are true and everything is going to come true, as I told you in your dreams. Until then, I will not change the condition of Muslims. And they will be in the same condition and I will compress them from every direction."
I do not look to Allah S.W.T, I only feel in my dreams that Allah is on the Throne (Arsh) and the voice is coming from there. Or I see the light (Nur). And the voice, coming from the light. Or Allah is speaking to me from the Sky. In every Dream I feel, Allah S.W.T is near my Jugular Vein. I do not look at the face of Muhammad (S.A.W), I see the body of Muhammad (S.A.W). In one dream I hugged Muhammad (S.A.W) and my whole body witnessed to me that you were hugging Muhammad (S.A.W). In my dreams, I have joined hands with Muhammad (S.A.W) hands many times. And my hand testifies to me that I shake hands with Muhammad (S.A.W). For the first time in my life in a dream on September 2015, I looked into the eyes of Muhammad (S.A.W). When my eyes looked at Muhammad (S.A.W) 's eyes, then they settled down. And I couldn't look away. I feel that Allah S.W.T has filled the eyes of Muhammad (S.A.W) with all his light. It was an incredible moment for me.  In the dream of September 22, 2015, Allah asked me - "Qasim, Do the Muslims believe in you?" I said to Allah, "No, only some people, no one except them." Then Allah said: "Qasim, if they do not believe in you, I will shake them very fiercely and I will make them fight with one another. Until they trust you, they will continue to fight like this." Then I see that, the Muslims have started war with each other and the rest of the Muslims are now very intense, What will happen now and How will they stop the war? And then there are those people who know about my dreams but they don't believe in it (including the big peoples) and those people who have stopped others from believing my dreams. Then they believed in my dreams and shared my dreams with others. And then the News spread around the World.
I still remember the words Allah spoke to me from the sky in the dream of 1994, (I am trying to translate it into English) - "Qasim, the promises I made to you, one day I will fulfill all my promises. And if I cannot fulfill my promises, I am not the Lord of the whole world." From that day I started waiting for Allah. And I never lose my hope. But whenever my hope is to lose, Allah or Muhammad (S.A.W) comes into my dream and says to me: "Sabrun Jamil Qasim." "Qasim, only non-Muslims lose their hope. Qasim, the Muslims cannot lose their hope. In the dream of February 2015, Allah told me, "Qasim, you will die on this earth as the Last Ummati of the Muhammad (S.A.W)." That means, "After my death, there will be no Muslims left on this earth, but only bad peoples and the Qiyamah will be bestowed upon them."
In the dream of February 2015, Muhammad (S.A.W) told me: "Qasim, my son, do not lose your hope. You are very close to your destiny, Allah is helping you. My son, just wait a little." Allah has told me in many dreams: "Qasim, one day I will help you and give you success and I will fulfill all my promises, even if only one day is left of the day form Qiyamah. And the whole world will see your success." But Allah didn't tell me when that day would come. And I have been waiting for Allah for more than 23 years and I am still waiting for Allah.  In the past 23 years, I have not lost my hope and I do not know when or how I will reach my destiny. Many years ago in a dream Allah told me - "Qasim, read the 'last 3 Qul' before you sleep and then sleep, then the devil (Shaitan) will stay away from you." And I have been doing this for many years. In the dream of January 2014, Allah told me, Qasim, I have tested you for 20 years. I wanted to see if you were one of them, Those who despair of the Mercy of Allah."
In the dream of 20 September 2015, I saw Allah say to me, "Qasim, the Qur'an is my word and if all the Devils, Jinn and Humankind come together, they can't even make a Verse." Similarly, the Dreams that  I (Allah) have shown to you are made by me, and even if all the Devils, the Jinn and the Human race unite, they will not be able to create such a Dream. And the devil can never shown dreams to anyone. These dreams belong to Allah (S.W.T) the only Lord of the Worlds. 9 October 2015 Muhammad (S.A.W) came 3 times in my dreams. I see Muhammad (S.A.W) coming to my dream 3 times in one night. Once I saw that Muhammad (S.A.W) was worried and walking here and thinking. And Muhammad (S.A.W) very eagerly told me that, Qasim should convey this message to the entire Ummah. Muhammad (S.A.W) said, "Qasim, whoever is with you, is the one who is with me, and whoever supports you, he is the one who supported me and he will certainly be with me on the Day of Judgment." The 2 dreams were the same.
Muhammad Qasim has many Dreams, in which Allah and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) advised him to follow the straight path and to refrain from certain things. One of the things that has been given more importance is that, Must stay away from Shirk. Muhammad Qasim stresses the importance of saying that we should stay away from Shirk and various Forms of Shirk. Because this is the only way by which we can achieve success in this world and the Hereafter. And if we want to get out of the Darkness and ignorance, we must abandon of Shirk and the forms Shirk and advise others on this as well. Allah has told Qasim in many dreams that Qasim, I am only helping you because you have begun to abandon Shirk and its various forms. Allah also told Qasim that "on the Day of Resurrection I will forgive any sin, but I will not forgive the sin of Shirk."
In Modern times, it is very difficult to identify and avoid the Shirk and unfortunately there are a lot of Shirk and its variants spread everywhere. Even Allah told Qasim in a dream that, the world was never full of such Shirk as it is today. A form of Shirk is an unnecessary image and picture. Food items packets and other daily use packets contain pictures on it. For example, there are pictures on drinks, milk, yogurt, shampoo and other items for use by men and women. Similarly there are Shirk in the Film where false gods and their powers are being displayed or other evil deeds where as magic they show simple human to very strong beings and show them as God. We often see statues or human figures in the clothing store, which is a form of Shirk. If you have a picture of a living person on your Desktop or if you have a Profile picture on social media or elsewhere, please Remove it because there is no need to look at this image, every time you are viewing it unnecessarily.
You can create pictures of you and your family with a mobile phone or digital camera but hide them and open them only if needed. If you go to a friend's house and have pictures in his house or in his room, do not insist on removing them or throwing them in the trash because this home is not your property and you are not responsible for it. But if your friend wants to know about Shirk and they want to remove the pictures themselves then this is fine. The Prophet (peace be upon him) also warned us against small Shirk, fearing that his people might fall into it. Muhammad (S.A.W) says, "What I am most afraid for you is the small Shirk." And Muhammad (S.A.W) also said that if the Shirk is more subtle than the sound of an ant leg on a rock. Should I not tell you something? That is, if you do this, it will take you away from the small and the big both sizes of Shirk:-

اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَعُوذُ بِكَ أَنْ أُشْرِكَ بِكَ وَأَنَا أَعْلَمُ، وَأَسْتَغْفِرُكَ لِمَا لا أَعْلَمُ
“Allahumma ini au-zubika un ushrika bika wa ana a-lamu wa asatagfiruka lima-la-a-lam.” (Hadith Musnad Ahmad, Sahih Jame: 2876) Meaning- 'O Allah! I seek refuge to you from being known Shirk with you And apologize for being while unknown Shirk. The sad reality of today is that no one is being given any awareness that the Leaders of the Muslim world try to avoid polytheism (Shirk). But if the Muslim Ummah wants to get out of the Darkness and regain their lost Position, the only possible way to achieve this is to abolish all forms of Shirk and Shirk at all levels. InshaAllah.
Muhammad Qasim said the first sign of his dreams is that, enemies of Pakistan would try to damage and alienate "Tora Bora", but Allah would protect Pakistan and Pakistan would be the Leader of the Islamic World. In the dream he saw an Indian conspiracy to paralyze the Pakistani army. The enemy mixed some chemicals into the food of the Pakistani army to try to paralyze the army. This food is fuel and dollars. Because when there is no dollar, we will not be able to buy any fuel and if that happens, then the transport and military activities of the country will suffer. Muhammad Qasim further explained that, how the Prophet Yusuf (A.S.) Explaining the dream of the unbelieving Egyptian King and saved the unbelieving Egyptian king and his peoples from famine and disaster and prepared them for the Future. Similarly, Pakistan has to Prepare itself in the Light of this Divine Dreams and He gave a message to the Chief of Army to Double the number of the army.
3 Brother's Secret Meeting in the White House = [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu + President Donald Trump + Prime Minister Narendra Modi] The Prime Minister of India said, "I am spreading the same kind of destruction in Kashmir, as Israel is spreading in Palestine To make you Happy." India invaded Pakistan from the eastern border and Afghanistan invaded the western border. Then India launched a massive bad attack on Lahore and the Pakistan Army was not able to carry out the attack. The USA President said that Pakistan would now be controlled by India. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has died. Prime Minister Imran Khan and Shirk. Failure of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Imran Khan only runs the Country 30% of his times. At one point of the Pak-India War, a Red-flagged country gives a very strong warning to India that you stop the army where they are. Otherwise we will destroy you. Then this country supports and helps Pakistan. They also send their doctors to treat Pakistani soldiers. The head of state visited Pakistan to show their moral support. The head of state of the Red Flag country, who helped Pakistan, was sitting among the people and talking to them. After seeing me, he recognizes me and says, "You are Qasim, aren't you?" I heard about your Dreams and Which is Starting to come True.
The Death Of President Erdogan. Israel began building a large Brown Colored building (the third temple of Dajjal) in the Palestinian Territory. But suddenly there was a huge explosion in the building's premises and its impact was so great that all the buildings changed overnight. And a terrifying Dust Storm triggered the explosion. And after it spreads everywhere. Muslims and their families were hit by this Dust storm and thousands of Muslim men, women and children started dying. Israel formed alliances with other groups and moreover, initiated terrorist activities. America fully supports Israel and uses their intelligence. When Russia learned of this, they also formed alliances with other parties in these areas. Then then suddenly America openly Jumped in come to Middle East and meets with Israel and other allies. And started a war with the Russian party. After seeing this, Russia too jumps in and its allies support it. And thus the 3rd World War began. And the battlefield is the countries of the Middle East, which causes bad Destruction in the Middle East countries and this War continues.
America, Russia and their Allies, due to their war in large numbers of Muslims started to die. And the war became so terrifying and horrible that no one did anything for them. This war gradually spread to Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, the Middle East and Arab countries. And allies in America, Russia and Israel are stepping up. Some Muslim countries become allies with the United States and Russia. Both powers wanted to take most of the land. And those who were already in the fields also stood up and started fighting against each other. But on the other hand, Pakistan is Progressing and it Continues to get Stronger. And India is allied with America and Israel so that it is similar the Middle East. Allah showed me that there are 3 main Castles of Islam. illuminati (dajjal) forces destroyed 2 of the 3 Castles. They found that the Muslims do not face resistance.
The Muslims were concerned when they saw that the 1st Castle Turkey was destroyed but they failed to save it. Then the Muslims were shocked when the 2nd Castle Saudi Arabia was destroyed by the evil forces, they said, it was devastating loss of Islam. Then they moving forward to Pakistan, the 3rd and final Castle of Islam. I see myself in the 3rd and final Castle of Islam. The USA, Israel and other allies attacked Pakistan together. They wanted to destroy Pakistan. The enemies number of Pakistan was Great. But Allah helped Pakistan with the "Black Jet Fighter" whose number was closer to 3000 because Pakistan was the last Castle of Islam, it was essential to protect Islam and protect Pakistan. In the World War 3 the Muslims will Win the First Victory in the Ghazwa-E-Hind War and before this Ghazwa-E-Hind war, Allah will told the Pakistan Army Chief about my Dreams. and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) witness to him about my dreams that, "Qasim does not lie to anyone about his dreams, and his Dreams are True and they come from Allah, and that's going to happen, which Allah has shown Qasim in his dreams."
Then the Pakistani Army and the Pakistani people started to believe my dreams more. Then the Pakistani Army and the Pakistani people took bold steps to save Islam and Pakistan. We liberate Kashmir by attacking and our resistance is strengthened. India alone will not dare to attack Pakistan because of the Black Jet Fighter. After watching this Black Jet Fighters, many Muslims from all over the world will come to Pakistan and start playing their role in rebuilding Islam. We started preparations for the Gazwatul Hind War. Allah will help us from the invisible. Allah will make us very wise by His grace. We will build Planes and Ships in our Own technology and become complete ourselves. Before this battle, at one time, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) called me to Medina. When I went to Mecca and Medina, I saw them abandoned and wild, and I saw instability and darkness among the people, so I told them that they should wait for few days. Allah will fix everything with His help. When I returned, the enemy was ready to attack Pakistan and we were ready too.
In my true dream, "Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) secretly and Invisible participated in the war, which was in the knowledge of the top Commander." And then the bad war started, and Pakistan's enemies were convinced that they would destroy Pakistan. But Allah's plan was something else and Allah helped Pakistan. In this war, Muslims will not Kill any Women, Children, Old people, Unarmed people and those who want to make Peace. I do not know how long it has been, but in this war Pakistan won by Allah. And Pakistan conquer all parts of India and Bangladesh, Afghanistan is also a part of Pakistan. Indonesia and Malaysia join Pakistan as all enemies of Pakistan are defeated. Then, with the help of Allah, Pakistan jumps into the Middle East and fights with both Super Powers. Pakistan is attacked by Black Jet Fighters in such a way that no one can stop Pakistan. And after defeating both SuperPowers, Pakistan became the single most Powerful Nation in the World.
And it's back to the Middle East, Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan. And these areas became a part of Pakistan and Pakistan started rebuilding these areas. At the end of this war, I found out that in this war 80 Crores (800 million) people were killed. With the help of Allah we spread the true Islam all over the world and peace is found throughout the world. Once Islam is spread on the earth again and everyone knows that the true Islam of Muhammad (peace be upon him) is Full of Peace. Allah's Mercy and Grace were everywhere. All the places were Full of Rizk and no one was Sad and Poor. With the help of Allah, the Muslims successfully defended Pakistan, the 3rd and Last Castle of Islam. With the help of Allah, Muslims will establish True Islam from the East to the whole World, the whole world will be filled with peace and justice Until the Arrival of Dajjal. Speaking to us about the events of the Last Time, Muhammad Qasim said that, he saw Dajjal many times in his dreams, when he arrived and he spread unrest all over the world and he saw Yajooj and Majooj, when they were released and attacked. He said, I also saw the Prophet Isa A.S (Jesus) in my dreams and after his landing the Muslims started living with him.

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